Friday, December 19, 2008

Doing business has no limitations

So many business entrepreneurs plot and plan for the day they become leaders of their own companies. Within that scope of planning, education is a priority, seeking out the perfect opportunities and networking with key individuals within those opportunities. It can be a painstaking, yet very organized and thought out path for these individuals to take.

However, there are some entrepreneurs such as Mohammed Babangida breaks the mold of the profile described above! This gentleman is a talented and energetic business leader who is able to take advantage of global business challenges in stride.

It seems that in addition to business, Mohammed Babangida is also an avid sportsman. Polo provides the high energy activity and excitement that this businessman needs to energize for the boardroom.

Mohammed Babangida lives with his wife and children in Niger State, Nigeria. You'll be hearing more from this business mover and shaker!

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