Saturday, January 24, 2009

February is just a heartbeat away.

C’mon, you know what is around the corner. Whether you are single, dating or married; February 14th is one of those holidays just for lovers.

Most married couples I know simply shrug it off claiming, “We’re already married! We don’t need Valentine’s day!” Oh, but yes you do. Be creative! I’ve found the best place to shop for this occasion is 1-800 They have the most beautiful valentines flowers! Whether you choose roses or a spring bouquet, they have it for a very affordable price, starting at
If flowers are too traditional for you, or you’re in the mood for something different, never fear, they also have all types of valentines gifts. Anything from spa baskets, fruit baskets and of course various types of chocolates to exclusive items from well-known designers and chefs. So if you are looking for your valentine’s gift, check out 1-800, you’ll be glad you did.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


With the economy in it’s current state, don’t you wish you had someone who could explain what was happening in layman’s terms to you? Someone who could keep you up to date with your own finances.

Meet Andrew Wilshire. Not only is he a talented financier, he also developed a newsletter to do precisely what I described to you. Andrew Wilshire also develops newsletters for commodity brokers who need to stay on the cutting edge of what is “hot” and what is “not”.

After reviewing all of his accomplishments, it seems that he should be older! But, by creating these newsletters over 11 years ago, it was the stepping stone he needed to build his career. By utilizing his entrepreneur spirit, Andrew Wilshire has been able to start up several successful business ventures.


The topic of health care has been a hot-topic issue for most Americans in the last 10 to 15 years. So many people felt “trapped” in their jobs because they knew they wouldn’t be able to afford COBRA. And, if by chance an employee was laid off or fired, the same worries would ensue, how do you afford COBRA payments?

One company wants to offer solutions, United American Insurance Company. By offering various policies from basic health insurance for individuals or families, to providing coverage for cancer patients, retirees, small business owners and many others, United American Insurance Company is a well rounded company. If you are curious about their rating, United American Insurance Company consistently earns an “A+” rating, which means reliability and excellence for you, the customer.

Amos Tamam = Cabs and Credit Cards

When is the last time you rode in a cab? Since Americans started making the gradual move from carrying cash to credit cards to carrying debit cards, certain services were stubborn to accept plastic payment. Amos Tamam thought of a way for one of those services to come into it’s own in the 20th century: accepting credit/debit cards for a taxi fare. Granted, it took some real time and effort to finally implement this feature, but if you are a frequent cab customer, this is very convenient.

The way Amos Tamam was able to ensure that this invention was his idea, he had to apply for a patent. That means filing detailed paperwork with the patent office in Washington, D.C., drawing of how to engineer the invention and either selling the patent to a company, or use it on a product you manufacture yourself. Amos Tamam obviously built this invention and placed it in his fleet of cabs. The rest is history.


I’ve written previously about Shasta Pools and showed a photo of just how beautiful their pools are. But, now I am blogging because they offer their own brand of pool supplies! Having trouble vacuuming out your pool? Call Shasta Pools! Maybe you would prefer to have a spa instead for entertaining guests? Call Shasta Pools!

The only issue is that you must live in Arizona in order to have the workers install your pool or spa! But if your in the market for cleaning supplies, you will soon be able to order over the internet and have them delivered to your door no matter where you live!


No one likes to go to the doctor, especially children! Every parent has been there; taking their child to get their first immunization, getting treated for measles, mumps, chicken pox and a host of other childhood diseases. Some parents aren’t happy with their child’s doctor, perhaps his bedside manner isn’t the best…who knows?

Well, here is a doctor that has a wide range of talents. Dr. Paul Offit is a well-known pediatrician, author and develops vaccines. He currently works at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia where he works very long hours. In between working as a physician, he is also an author with his book being released very shortly. Additionally, as a developer of vaccines, Paul Offit also works very closely with pharmaceutical companies.

There is no denying that Paul Offit is a multi-talented individual.


They say that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree when speaking about a parent and child. It seems that this is the case with Joseph Odindo and his father. Not only is Joseph Odindo a music enthusiast that has led to a ground breaking album with Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, he is also a very respected and well-known journalist for a company called Nation Media Group.

This company is the owner of various newspapers in the African region. And, Joseph Odindo is the group managing editor for Nation Media Group. Some may think that due to his father’s influence, that he stepped into the top position of the company from day one. That simply isn’t the case.

Joseph Odindo stair stepped his way up from reporter to various other positions until he became Nation Media Group. He has had a very impressive career both as a musician and a journalist.


Have you ever had the need to hire an attorney? It’s one of those things where they are necessary in life, but it’s difficult to know how to hire one when you are faced with a legal issue. Flipping through the yellow pages just doesn’t seem to be a good way to start a search. Usually people will refer an attorney when they have had a good experience.

If you can’t get word of mouth, I think the attorney’s website is a good method. For instance, Arlene Kock is an attorney in the California area and she has a professional, polished site that is informative and gives details about what types of cases she handles and so on. I thought it was interesting that she also handles Domestic Partnership law which is constantly changing due to Proposition 8 becoming such a controversy in that state.

Arlene Kock also handles divorces, child custody, and criminal law to name a few. If you need a good attorney and you live in the California area, look up Arlene Kock, she seems like she can handle any legal issue you may have.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Does Your Home Need a Facelift? CALL K-DESIGNERS

It never fails, being a homeowner is a very big responsibility. There’s always something to fix, clean up, prevent, safeguard against and so on. So what if you’re not good with a hammer? What about the plumbing? If you’re anything like me, you rely on plumbers, contractors, handymen and so on. You rely on them and you are at the mercy of them as well.

Well, I found a great company called K-Designers that will design or give your home a face lift! They are one stop shopping, no need to call or hire anyone else. K-Designers can help with choosing windows, doors, gutters, overhangs, vinyl siding and more. You’re probably wondering, are there any other perks to using K-Designers? You bet! The monthly special for January 2009, if you use their services, they will offer you a choice of: ½ off a garage door, complete with installation OR a FREE Water Heater insulated blanket! So, go ahead, check them out!


The other day, I was doing research regarding CEO’s of major corporations. It seems that in today’s economic environment, most corporations are struggling at best. What makes the difference in these companies? Is it the marketing? Employees? Cash Flow? Customer Service? Supply and demand? These were some of the questions I was researching.

Then, I found Frank Hanna. You may be wondering who that is? Frank Hanna is a multi-faceted businessman in that he is a merchant banker in Atlanta, Georgia. In other words, he gives businesses financial backing to help them succeed. He has assisted a number of well-known businesses that are quite successful today. Frank Hanna also tours on the speaking circuit regarding this type of work and other various topics.

Frank Hanna is also a philanthropist who takes special interest in building Catholic schools for a growing community of children. He also is the founder of the Solidarity Movement and stays active in charitable activities as well as business opportunities. I’d say his priorities are in great order!

Hate to Exercise? Try Tennis

Now that January is here, if you are anything like most people, you are on a diet and exercise regime. And, if you are like most people, you will throw in the towel by the time February greets us. Why do we give up so easily? As far as the diet goes, most people go full force by eating practically nothing and then overdoing exercise. No wonder most people give up on the New Year’s resolution.

But, today I saw a blog by Nachshon Draiman. He spoke of the drudgery of exercise such as jogging, walking on a treadmill and other mindless activity. Exercise can be…well, boring. That’s why most people listen to their IPODS, watch tv etc. while they are exercising. Hence, that is why it doesn’t last.

Nachshon Draiman talks about playing tennis for exercise. It’s fast paced, it’s a game and can be a lot of fun. You can practice by yourself by hitting the ball against the wall, or you can call a friend to play a quick game or two. The trick is to make it part of your schedule. And, not only is it good exercise, Nachshon Draiman states that tennis is very much a thinking game. So, it helps exercise your muscles and your mind! Try it.

Baby it's Cold Outside...

If you watch the Weather Channel at all, you already know that this is the coldest weather we have had in many, many years. The frigid temperature along with the snow and ice make for miserable conditions! It is during these times when I daydream about the islands or some luxurious tropical destination. I think most people do.

Well, as I was surfing the net for some places to consider for my next vacation, I came across the website: Consolidated Resort Travel. This is more than a vacation resort. This is a place to actually purchase a vacation home for a lifetime of use! Some people refer to them as “timeshares”. But, Consolidated Resort Travel is different from the others. Not only do they have a wide variety of destinations in the United States, but they also offer Mexico, Caribbean, European and Asian destinations as well! Learn more about Consolidated Resort Travel, you’ll be glad you did.

All That Jazz...

If you are like me, you are a lover of all genres of music. However, if you have a special place in your heart for jazz, I found a blog that you have to read. Mohammed Babangida, the music of Africa and beyond. Mohammed Babangida is very knowledgeable about music and has a special penchant for jazz. He doesn’t speak of “African music” exclusively. I noticed on his blog he spoke of such musical pioneers as Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Art Tatum and others of American heritage.

So, if you’re in the mood for some smooth jazz talk and discussion, check out Mohammed Babangida’s blog. You’ll be glad you did.


If you have ever been house hunting or perhaps looking for a condominium/townhouse; a statement that you might hear from your realtor is a mention about HOA.

You may wonder what the heck does HOA mean and how does it pertain to the purchase of a home? HOA is an acronym for “Home Owner Association”. You may be asking yourself, what does an HOA actually do? The answer is simple. The HOA or your neighborhood of homes hire a management company which attend to the appearance of your neighborhood. As I investigated the importance of HOA’s I happened to find Tim Arel’s name all over the web. It seems that Tim Arel specializes in managing HOA’s.

When I purchased my townhouse, I found out quickly that HOA’s are very important. For example, the HOA is responsible for hiring someone to maintain our lawns, replace roofing when needed, washing of the outside of the home and so forth. As you can imagine, it’s very important to have a good manager. I wish I had known about Tim Arel back when I was looking for a home!

TAX Day is Coming S O O N

They say there are 3 things that you can count on in life: Change, Death and Taxes. No truer words were ever spoken! And, speaking of Taxes, it is a part of our lives but most people don’t think about taxes until April 15th every year. I don’t know if other countries have the same issues with taxes, but most people will tell you, American Tax Relief is needed.

Some people look forward to this day because they get a refund from the IRS, and some have to pay additional taxes. Either way, it usually includes completing confusing paperwork. For the people that owe taxes, it can be very stressful. Never fear! American Tax Relief is here! I was surfing the web the other day, I found a great website that helps individuals and companies if they have problems with paying taxes. It’s called American Tax Relief, be sure to check it out, you’ll take a sigh of relief!