Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home with Rules!

The American dream has always been to own your own home and business. When buying a home, most people want their condo or home to stand out from the crowd, be unique.

But, what if your neighbor (or even YOU) have odd ideas of what is attractive home improvements or landscaping? Perhaps if you are in a townhouse or condominium community, each unit wants to paint their doors different colors, have different types of roofs etc. replaced? It would be an eyesore, wouldn't it? Seeing a cohesive, uniform grooming of a collection of homes is where property management and owner associated management comes in. Who can you trust to set rules and boundaries?

Enter Tim Arel to the rescue! You may be asking, what constitutes a great real estate property manager? Someone who has a wide variety of interests such as Tim Arel. He has a background in law and also is avidly interested in real estate investing, negotiating contracts for home communities etc. Most importantly, he maintains his certifications and relishes challenges as well as having a deep desire to learn everything he can about the business.

Are you and your neighbors in need of someone like Tim Arel? Take a look, you'll be impressed!

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