Saturday, January 17, 2009


Have you ever had the need to hire an attorney? It’s one of those things where they are necessary in life, but it’s difficult to know how to hire one when you are faced with a legal issue. Flipping through the yellow pages just doesn’t seem to be a good way to start a search. Usually people will refer an attorney when they have had a good experience.

If you can’t get word of mouth, I think the attorney’s website is a good method. For instance, Arlene Kock is an attorney in the California area and she has a professional, polished site that is informative and gives details about what types of cases she handles and so on. I thought it was interesting that she also handles Domestic Partnership law which is constantly changing due to Proposition 8 becoming such a controversy in that state.

Arlene Kock also handles divorces, child custody, and criminal law to name a few. If you need a good attorney and you live in the California area, look up Arlene Kock, she seems like she can handle any legal issue you may have.

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